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Darrell King was born in 1961 in Atlanta, GA to Linda King. His father was never really in his life until he was 7 years old when he went to live with him in Chicago for 6 months. Missing his mom, grand mom, and great grand mom became just too much for him to deal with so he returned to Georgia, attending public school in Fulton County. He was a good student but too many distractions prevented him from becoming a great student.

After graduating from Lake Shore High School in 1979, he entered the US Air Force as a security police officer. Security Police was a job that many people hated but he loved the field because there was a lot of respect, pride and some good brothers to teach you how to handle life and keep your head up.

After staying in the Air Force for 8 years and 3 months, he left to join the Air Force Reserves in 1988. Five months before leaving the active duty military, he married his wife Margurita and they have 3 children, Share, Darius and Jasmine.

In 1989 Darrell joined the California Department of Corrections and after 6 weeks of Academy training began working at Folsom Prison, one of the toughest prisons in the State of California. A few months into his new job, he realized that he had been training for this job all of his life and became determined to become one of the best correctional officers ever.

Fate stepped in and in 1991 he was called back to active duty and sent to Saudi Arabia, right into the middle of a full blown war called Desert Storm. After being in the country for a couple of weeks, his eyes were opened to the fact that this was a REAL WAR when a scud missile broke apart and a war head landed on one of the barracks and killed 28 Americans. That night Darrell worked the front gate when all the wounded and dead Americans were returned to his location. He became angry and was looking for blood. Fortunately, that was the last scud fired in that war and upon leaving Saudi Arabia, he was sent to UAE and Egypt before returning home, more focused on life than he was before leaving.

He began learning more and more about his job and what it would take to be better. Gangs and their activities struck his interest and he wanted to know as much as possible to help kids stay away from gang life.

“"Educating today's youth about choices and consequences"”

― Darrell B. King

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